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Weber's law


the concept that a just-noticeable difference in a stimulus is proportional to the magnitude of the original stimulus


cognition noun (cognitive processes and contents)

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Princeton WordNet

Usage example:

Weber's law explains why you don't notice your headlights are on in the daytime

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Weber-Fechner law | Weber's law | Fechner's law

combines two different laws of human perception. Ernst Heinrich Weber was one of the first people to approach the study of the human response to a physical stimulus in a quantitative fashion. Weber's law states that the just-noticeable difference... (39 of 1350 words)

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Britannica Encyclopedia:

Weber's law [psychology] | Weber-Fechner law [synonym]

historically important psychological law quantifying the perception of change in a given stimulus. The law states that the change in a stimulus that ... (23 of 165 words)



law [entry 1, noun] | Law [sense-specific] | at law | Ellenborough [law] | 1st Baron Ellenborough [law] | leges [plural, law] | lex [plural, law] | Pentateuch [synonym, sense-specific] | also [synonym, sense-specific] | ...

a binding custom or practice of a community; a rule of conduct or action ... | "law" or "Law": the revelation of the will of God set forth in the Old ... (30 of 571 words, 7 definitions, 9 usage examples, pronunciation)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

law | laws [plural] | the law | be a law unto yourself | take the law into your own hands

[countable] an official rule that people must obey ; [singular, ... | [uncountable] the profession that includes lawyers and judges ; [only before ... (22 of 433 words, 7 definitions, 20 usage examples, pronunciation)


Collins Dictionary:

law of nature | law [sense-specific] | natural law (sense 2), nomological [sense-specific, synonym]

an empirical truth of great generality, conceived of as a physical (but not ... | a system of morality conceived of as grounded in reason ... (24 of 426 words, 3 definitions, 7 usage examples)


American Heritage Dictionary:

law | lawed [past tense] | lawing [present participle] | laws [3rd-person singular present] | Law | (Andrew) Bonar Law | John Law | leges [plural] | lex [plural]

A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority. | The body of rules and principles governing the affairs of a community ... (24 of 425 words, 26 definitions, 13 usage examples, pronunciation)


New World Dictionary:

law | law of nature [sense-specific]

all the rules of conduct established and enforced by the authority, ... | the condition existing when obedience to such rules is general | the branch ... (24 of 249 words, 14 definitions, 7 usage examples, pronunciation)


Cambridge Dictionary:

law [entry 1] | the law | go to law

a rule, usually made by a government, that is used to order the way in which a society behaves, or the whole system of such rules | "the law": ... (28 of 175 words, 4 definitions, 11 usage examples, pronunciations)

dictionary​.cambridge​.org​/dictionary​/british​/law 1

law [entry 2]

a general rule which states what always happens when the same conditions exist (13 of 54 words, 3 usage examples, pronunciations)

dictionary​.cambridge​.org​/dictionary​/british​/law 2

Oxford Dictionary:

law of nature | natural law [1, sense-specific]

another term for "natural law" [sense-specific], "natural law" [sense-specific]. | [informal] : a regularly occurring or apparently inevitable ... (17 of 66 words, 2 definitions, 1 usage example)


Columbia Encyclopedia:


rules of conduct of any organized society, however simple or small, that are enforced by threat of punishment if they are violated. Modern law has a ... (26 of 36 words)



law of nature | law of natures [plural]

a physical law (a scientific generalization based upon empirical observation) | a natural law (any of a number of doctrines in moral, political and legal theory) (25 of 26 words, 2 definitions)

en​.wiktionary​.org​/wiki​/law of nature

Random House Dictionary:

lex | leges [plural] | lex. | lex.: lexical [sense-specific] | lex.: lexicon [sense-specific] | law [synonym, entry 1, sense-specific]

law1 | "lex." : lexical | lexicon (5 of 16 words, 3 definitions, pronunciations)


Encarta Dictionary:

law of nature

a broadly applicable principle relating to natural phenomena (8 of 21 words)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861693079​/definition​.html  [offline]

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