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sun spurge


a not unattractive European weed whose flowers turn toward the sun


plant noun (plants and fungi)


sun spurges

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Princeton WordNet


Euphorbia helioscopia [species] | devil's milk | wartweed | wartwort | E. helioscopia [abbreviation, species]

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Euphorbia helioscopia [species] | Sun Spurge

a species of spurge native to most of Europe, northern Africa, and eastward through most of Asia. Other old folk names include wart spurge, umbrella milkweed and "madwoman's milk". It's an annual plant growing in arable land and disturbed ground. It... (41 of 599 words, 1 image)

en​.wikipedia​.org​/wiki​/Euphorbia helioscopia


turnsole | turnsol [sense-specific] | Euphorbia helioscopia [species, sense-specific] | litmus [synonym, sense-specific]

The heliotrope; so named because its flowers are supposed to turn toward the sun. | The sunflower. | A kind of spurge. | The euphorbiaceous plant Chrozophora tinctoria. | A purple dye obtained from Chrozophora tinctoria. | [chemistry, obsolete] litmus (35 of 38 words, 6 definitions)


Collins Dictionary:

wartweed | wartwort [synonym]

any of various plants used to cure warts; wartwort (9 of 186 words, pronunciation)


Britannica Encyclopedia:

spurge [plant] | Euphorbia [genus]

one of the largest flowering-plant genera, with 2,420 species, many of which are important to man as ornamentals, sources of drugs, or as weeds. The ... (25 of 626 words, 3 images)


New World Dictionary:

spurge | Euphorbia [genus, sense-specific]

any of a genus of plants of the spurge family, with milky juice and minute, simplified flowers borne in cuplike inflorescences | designating a family ... (24 of 61 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation)


Oxford Dictionary:


a herbaceous plant or shrub with milky latex and very small, typically greenish, flowers. Many kinds are cultivated as ornamentals and some are of ... (24 of 73 words, pronunciation)


American Heritage Dictionary:


Any of various plants of the genus "Euphorbia", characteristically having milky juice and small unisexual flowers that are surrounded by a cuplike ... (22 of 53 words, pronunciation)



spurge | euphorbia [synonym]

any of a family (Euphorbiaceae) of widely distributed herbs, shrubs, and trees often with a bitter milky juice ; especially, "euphorbia" (21 of 51 words, pronunciation)


Columbia Encyclopedia:

spurge | Mexican jumping bean | jumping bean | snow-on-the-mountain | tallow tree | tung tree | euphorbia | poinsettia

common name for members of the Euphorbiaceae, a family of herbs, shrubs, and trees of greatly varied structure and almost cosmopolitan distribution, ... (22 of 42 words, pronunciation)


Random House Dictionary:


any of numerous plants of the genus "Euphorbia", having a milky juice and flowers with no petals or sepals. (19 of 27 words, pronunciation)


Encarta Dictionary:

spurge | spurges [plural] | Euphorbia [genus]

an herbaceous plant or bush that has flowers without petals and a bitter milky juice. Genus Euphorbia. (17 of 43 words, pronunciation)

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