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the process of the sweat glands of the skin secreting a salty fluid


process noun (natural processes)

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Princeton WordNet

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Perspiration | sweating

the production of fluids secreted by the sweat glands in the skin of mammals. Two types of sweat glands can be found in humans: Eccrine glands and apocrine glands. The eccrine sweat glands are distributed over much of the body. In humans, sweating is ... (44 of 1572 words, 3 images)


Collins Dictionary:

sudation [archaic]

sweating, sweat (2 of 181 words, pronunciation)



sudation | hidrosis [synonym, sense-specific] | sudoresis [synonym, sense-specific] | sweating [synonym, sense-specific] | Perspiration [synonym, sense-specific]

Perspiration; sweat (fluid). | [physiology] The process of perspiring. (8 of 9 words, 2 definitions)


Random House Dictionary:

sweat | sweated [past tense] | sweating [present participle] | no sweat [sense-specific] | sweat blood [sense-specific] | sweat it [sense-specific] | sweat out [sense-specific] | sweats [sense-specific]

to perspire, especially freely or profusely. | to exude moisture, as green plants piled in a heap or cheese. | to gather moisture from the surrounding ... (24 of 596 words, 39 definitions, 11 usage examples, pronunciation)


Oxford Dictionary:

sweat | sweated [past tense] | sweating [present participle] | sweats [3rd-person singular present] | break a sweat [United States] | sweat something out/off | break sweat | by the sweat of one's brow | no sweat | ...

moisture exuded through the pores of the skin, typically in profuse quantities as a reaction to heat, physical exertion, fever, or fear | an instance ... (24 of 595 words, 29 definitions, 23 usage examples, pronunciation)



sweat [entry 1, verb] | sweated [past tense] | sweating [present participle] | sweat blood | ooze [synonym, sense-specific] | exude [synonym, sense-specific] | bang away [synonym, sense-specific] | beaver [synonym, sense-specific] | dig [synonym, sense-specific] | ...

to excrete moisture in visible quantities through the openings of the sweat ... | to emit or exude moisture ; to gather surface moisture in beads as a ... (27 of 550 words, 14 definitions, 7 usage examples, pronunciation)


New World Dictionary:

sweat | sweated [past tense] | sweating [present participle]

to give forth a characteristic salty moisture through the pores of the skin; perspire | to give forth moisture in droplets on its surface, as a ... (25 of 345 words, 23 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciation)


American Heritage Dictionary:

sweat | sweated [past tense] | sweating [present participle] | sweats [3rd-person singular present] | sweat out

To excrete perspiration through the pores in the skin; perspire. | To exude in droplets, as moisture from certain cheeses or sap from a tree. | To ... (25 of 278 words, 29 definitions, 6 usage examples, pronunciation)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

sweat [verb] | sweated [past tense] | sweating [present participle] | sweats [3rd-person singular present] | don't sweat it | sweat blood | sweat it out | sweat like a pig

[intransitive] to produce liquid on the surface of your skin when you are hot, nervous, or ill | [intransitive, informal] to feel very nervous or ... (24 of 183 words, 9 definitions, 5 usage examples, pronunciation)

www​.macmillandictionary​.com​/dictionary​/british​/sweat 9

Columbia Encyclopedia:

sweat | perspiration | apocrine glands | eccrine glands | apocrine gland | eccrine gland

fluid secreted by the sweat glands of mammalian skin and containing water, salts, and waste products of body metabolism such as urea. The dissolved ... (24 of 291 words)


Britannica Encyclopedia:

perspiration [physiology]

in most mammals, water given off by the intact skin, either as vapour by simple evaporation from the epidermis or as sweat, a form of cooling in which ... (28 of 270 words)


Cambridge Dictionary:

perspiration [polite word]

sweat (colourless liquid passed through the skin) (7 of 47 words, 2 usage examples, pronunciations)


Encarta Dictionary:

sweat | sweats [plural] | sweated [past tense] | sweating [present participle]

the clear salty liquid that passes to the surface of the skin when somebody is hot or as a result of strenuous activity, fear, anxiety, or illness | ... (27 of 561 words, 20 definitions, pronunciation)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861717434​/definition​.html  [offline]

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