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stelis (orchidaceous plant)


any of various small tropical American orchids of the genus Stelis having long slender racemes of numerous small to minute flowers


plant noun (plants and fungi)


(* stelis may be used in a singular or plural context)

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Princeton WordNet

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Stelis | Leach orchids

a large group of orchids, with perhaps 500 species. The generic name Stelis is the Greek word for 'mistletoe', referring to the epiphytic habit of these species. Many of the older species were named by Lindley, Ruiz & Pavon and Reichenbach, while many... (43 of 536 words, 2 images)


Britannica Encyclopedia:

orchid [plant]

any of nearly 1,000 genera and more than 22,000 species of attractively flowered plants distributed throughout the world, especially in wet tropics. ... (22 of 895 words, 15 images)



orchid | orchidlike [adjective, related]

any of a large family (Orchidaceae, the orchid family) of perennial ... | a light purple (15 of 76 words, 2 definitions, pronunciations, 1 image)



orchid | orchids [plural]

a plant of the orchid family, bearing unusually-shaped flowers of beautiful colours. | [colour] a light bluish-red, violet-red or purple colour. | [colour] having a light purple colour. (26 of 32 words, 3 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciation, 1 image)


Collins Dictionary:

orchid | bee orchid, burnt-tip orchid, fly orchid, frog orchid, lady orchid, lizard orchid, man orchid, monkey orchid, purple-fringed orchid, pyramidal orchid, scented orchid, spider orchid, spotted orchid [synonym]

any terrestrial or epiphytic plant of the family "Orchidaceae", often having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colours, specialized for ... (20 of 461 words, 9 usage examples, pronunciation)


New World Dictionary:


a perennial plant of the orchid family, that grows in the ground or as an ... | the flower of such a plant; especially, any of the brightly colored ... (28 of 103 words, 5 definitions, pronunciation)


Columbia Encyclopedia:

orchid | coral-root | grass pink | ladies'-tresses | lady's-slipper | moccasin flower | wild orchid | Arethusa | cattleya | ...

popular name for members of the Orchidaceae, a family of perennial herbs widely distributed in both hemispheres. The unusually large family (of some ... (23 of 97 words)


Oxford Dictionary:

orchid | orchidist [derived] | orchidology [derived]

a plant with complex flowers that are often showy or bizarrely shaped, having a large specialized lip (labellum) and frequently a spur. Orchids occur ... (24 of 90 words, pronunciations)


American Heritage Dictionary:


A member of the orchid family. | The flower of any of these plants, especially one cultivated for ornament. | A pale to light purple, from grayish to ... (26 of 63 words, 3 definitions, pronunciation)


Random House Dictionary:

orchid | orchid-

any terrestrial or epiphytic plant of the family Orchidaceae, of temperate and tropical regions, having usually showy flowers. | the flower of any of ... (23 of 48 words, 4 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciation)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

orchid [countable] | orchids [plural]

a type of flower with an unusual shape and often a sweet smell (13 of 38 words, pronunciation)


Cambridge Dictionary:


a plant with beautifully coloured flowers which have an unusual shape (11 of 16 words, pronunciations)


Encarta Dictionary:

orchid | orchids [plural]

a perennial plant, some varieties of which grow on other plants. Flowers: showy, delicate, fragrant, with three petals. Native to: ... (20 of 53 words, pronunciations)

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