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SMs (master's degree)

SMs is a plural form of SM

SM (master's degree)


a master's degree in science


communication noun (communicative processes and contents)


SM's | SMs

Original source:

Princeton WordNet


Master of Science | MS [acronym] | MSc [abbreviation]


Latin "Scientiae Magister"
(Source: Encarta Dictionary)  [more]

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Master of Science | M.Sc. | MSc | M.Sci. | M.Si. | Sc.M. | M.S. | MSHS | MS | ...

a postgraduate academic master's degree awarded by universities in many countries. The degree is typically studied for in the sciences including the social sciences. In Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay, the Master of Science or Magister is a ... (38 of 1934 words)

en​.wikipedia​.org​/wiki​/Master of Science

Collins Dictionary:

Master of Science

a postgraduate degree, usually in science, or the holder of this degree MSc (13 of 285 words, 3 usage examples)



master of science | Master of Science | MS [abbreviation, sense-specific] | MSc [abbreviation, sense-specific]

the recipient of a master's degree that usually signifies that the ... | the degree making one a master of science (20 of 78 words, 2 definitions)

www​.merriam-webster​.com​/dictionary​/master of science

Macmillan British Dictionary:

MSc [countable, abbreviation] | MScs [plural] | Master of Science

an advanced degree in a subject such as physics or biology from a university. An advanced degree in a subject such as languages or history is an MA. ; ... (29 of 47 words, pronunciation)


Oxford Dictionary:

MSc | Master of Science [in full]

Master of Science (3 of 35 words, 2 usage examples, pronunciation)


Random House Dictionary:

Master of Science | M.S. [abbreviation, sense-specific] | M.Sc. [abbreviation, sense-specific] | S.M. [abbreviation, sense-specific] | Sc.M. [abbreviation, sense-specific]

a master's degree given usually in a specific branch of the natural sciences, mathematics, or technology. | a person who has been awarded this degree. (24 of 34 words, 2 definitions)


Cambridge Dictionary:

Master of Science | MSc [British, abbreviation] | MS [United States, abbreviation]

an advanced college or university degree in a scientific subject, or a person who has this degree (17 of 30 words)



Master of Science | Masters of Science [plural] | Masters [synonym] | MS [synonym]

A degree that usually requires 2-3 years beyond a Bachelor of Science and emphasizes science and scientific applications. The degree is less advanced than a Doctorate degree. (27 of 28 words)

en​.wiktionary​.org​/wiki​/Master of Science

American Heritage Dictionary:

MSc [Latin]

Magister Scientiae (Master of Science) (5 of 8 words)


New World Dictionary:

MSc | M.Sc.

Master of Science (3 of 6 words)


Britannica Encyclopedia:

multiple sclerosis | MS [abbreviation] | disseminated sclerosis [synonym]

a progressive disease of the central nervous system characterized by the destruction of the myelin sheath surrounding the nerve fibres of the brain, ... (23 of 756 words)


Columbia Encyclopedia:

multiple sclerosis | MS [abbreviation]

chronic, slowly progressive autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attacks the protective myelin sheaths that surround the nerve cells ... (21 of 269 words)


Encarta Dictionary:

Master of Science | M.S. [education, abbreviation] | M.Sc. [education, abbreviation] | SM [education, abbreviation] | Sc.M. [education, abbreviation]

an academic degree in a science subject, usually awarded after one or two years of postgraduate study (17 of 27 words)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861693428​/definition​.html  [offline]

Etymology reference

Encarta Dictionary:

SM [entry 2, education]

Origin: Latin "Scientiae Magister"

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861701981​/definition​.html  [offline]

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