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Sg (book)


an Old Testament book consisting of a collection of love poems traditionally attributed to Solomon but actually written much later


communication noun (communicative processes and contents)

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Song of Songs | Song of Songs of Solomon | Song of Solomon | Canticle of Canticles | Canticles

a book of the Old Testament--one of the megillot --found in the last section of the Tanakh, known as the Ketuvim. It's also known in English as Canticle of Canticles or simply Canticles. The protagonists of Song of Songs are a woman and a man, and the ... (48 of 4005 words, 1 image)

en​.wikipedia​.org​/wiki​/Song of Songs

Song of Songs (disambiguation)

a book of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament. It may also refer to: Song of songs (album), the debut album by David and the Giants | A generic term for medleys | Song of Songs, a 1914 play by Edward Sheldon | The Song of Songs (Giesmių giesmė), a play... (48 of 184 words, 9 definitions)

en​.wikipedia​.org​/wiki​/Song of Songs (disambiguation)

Britannica Encyclopedia:

Song of Solomon [biblical canticle] | Song of Songs | Canticle of Canticles [synonym]

an Old Testament book that belongs to the third section of the biblical canon, known as the Ketuvim, or "Writings." In the Hebrew Bible the Song of ... (27 of 397 words)


Collins Dictionary:

the Song of Solomon | Song of Solomon | the Song of Songs | the Canticle of Canticles | S. of Sol. [Bible, abbreviation]

a book of the Old Testament consisting of a collection of dramatic love poems traditionally ascribed to Solomon (18 of 273 words, 2 usage examples)


Columbia Encyclopedia:

Song of Solomon | Song of Songs | Canticles

book of the Bible, 22d in the order of the Authorized Version. Although traditionally ascribed to King Solomon, many scholars date it as late as the ... (26 of 125 words)


Oxford Dictionary:

Song of Songs | Song of Solomon [synonym] | Canticles [synonym] | S. of S. [abbreviation, Bible]

a book of the Bible containing an anthology of Hebrew love poems traditionally ascribed to Solomon but in fact dating from a much later period. Jewish ... (26 of 72 words)



Song of Songs

a collection of love poems forming a book in the canonical Jewish Scriptures and in the Roman Catholic canon of the Old Testament and corresponding to ... (26 of 61 words)

www​.merriam-webster​.com​/dictionary​/song of songs


Song of Solomon [Bible] | Song of Songs [Bible]

The twenty-second book of the Old Testament and the Bible, also known as the Canticle of Canticles and the Song of Songs. (22 of 25 words)

en​.wiktionary​.org​/wiki​/Song of Solomon

Random House Dictionary:

Song of Solomon, The | The Song of Solomon | Sol. [abbreviation] | Song of Songs [new American Bible, synonym]

a book of the Bible. (5 of 19 words)


New World Dictionary:

Song of Solomon [Bible] | Sg [abbreviation] | Sgs [abbreviation] | S of S [abbreviation] | Song [abbreviation] | Song of Sol [abbreviation] | Canticles | Canticle of Canticles

a book consisting of a love poem, dramatic and lyrical in character, traditionally ascribed to Solomon: also called or (in the Douay Bible) Canticle ... (24 of 37 words)


American Heritage Dictionary:

Song of Solomon | S. of Sol. [abbreviation] | SS [abbreviation]

or "SS" (2 of 11 words)


Cambridge Dictionary:

the Old Testament | Old Testament

one of the two main parts of the Christian Bible, which records the history of the Jewish people before the birth of Christ (23 of 32 words)


Macmillan British Dictionary:


Old Testament | occupational therapy (4 of 27 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation)


Encarta Dictionary:

Song of Songs | Sg [Bible, abbreviation]

a book of the Bible that corresponds to the Song of Solomon, forming part of the Jewish and Roman Catholic scriptures (21 of 32 words)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 561508010​/definition​.html  [offline]

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