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secondment (reassignment)


the detachment of a person from their regular organization for temporary assignment elsewhere


act noun (acts and actions)

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Princeton WordNet


from French en second in second rank (or position)
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New World Dictionary:

second | s [abbreviation, sense-specific] | seconder [noun, related] | secondment [noun, related]

coming next after the first in order of place or time; 2d or 2nd | another; other; additional; supplementary | being of the same kind as another; ... (25 of 420 words, 28 definitions, 4 usage examples, pronunciations)


Collins Dictionary:

secondment [British]

a temporary transfer to another job or post within the same organization (12 of 331 words, 6 usage examples, pronunciation)


Cambridge Dictionary:

second [entry 11, British] | secondment [noun, British, derived]

to send an employee to work somewhere else temporarily, either to increase the number of workers or to replace other workers, or to exchange ... (24 of 73 words, 2 usage examples, pronunciations)

dictionary​.cambridge​.org​/dictionary​/british​/second 11

Oxford Dictionary:


Entry from World dictionary | [British] | the temporary transfer of an official or worker to another position or employment (18 of 51 words, 3 definitions, 1 usage example)

oxforddictionaries​.com​/definition​/american english​/secondment

secondment [British]

the temporary transfer of an official or worker to another position or employment (13 of 38 words, 1 usage example)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

secondment [countable/uncountable, British] | secondments [plural]

a period when you are sent by your employer to work for a different organization or a different part of your organization (22 of 48 words, pronunciation)


Random House Dictionary:

secondment [British]

the transfer of a military officer or corporate executive to another post for temporary duty. (15 of 21 words, pronunciation)



secondment | secondments [plural]

the process or state of being seconded, the temporary transfer of a person from their normal duty to another assignment (20 of 21 words)


American Heritage Dictionary:

reassign | reassigned [past tense] | reassigning [present participle] | reassigns [3rd-person singular present] | reassignment [noun, related]

To assign to a new position, distribution, or function (9 of 32 words, pronunciation)



Second | s | sec

the base unit of time in the International System of Units and is also a unit of time in other systems of measurement it's the second division of the hour by sixty, the first division by 60 being the minute. Between 1000 and 1960 the second was defined... (48 of 4058 words, 2 images)


Second (disambiguation)

a unit of time. Second or Seconds may also refer to 2 (number), as an ordinal (also written as 2nd, 2d or 2nd) | Arcsecond, a unit of angle | Second of right ascension, in astronomy | Second (parliamentary procedure), to support a proposal | Second,... (42 of 288 words, 27 definitions)

en​.wikipedia​.org​/wiki​/Second (disambiguation)

Britannica Encyclopedia:

second [unit of time]

fundamental unit of time, now defined in terms of the radiation frequency at which atoms of the element cesium change from one state to another. The ... (26 of 233 words)



second [entry 1, adjective, adverb] | secondly [adverb, related]

next to the first in place or time ; next to the first in value, ... | relating to or having a part typically subordinate to and lower in pitch than ... (30 of 227 words, 2 definitions, 6 usage examples, pronunciation)


second [entry 2, noun] | seconds [plural] | second base [synonym, sense-specific]

one that is next after the first in rank, position, authority, or precedence | one that assists or supports another ; especially, the assistant of a ... (25 of 161 words, 9 definitions, 1 usage example)

www​.merriam-webster​.com​/dictionary​/second show=1

second [entry 3, noun] | arc second [entry 3, sense-specific] | arcsec [abbreviation, entry 3, sense-specific] | moment [synonym, sense-specific]

the 60th part of a minute of angular measure ; the 60th part of a minute of ... | an instant of time; "moment" (23 of 119 words, 2 definitions)

www​.merriam-webster​.com​/dictionary​/second show=2

second [entry 4, verb] | assist [synonym, sense-specific] | seconder [noun, related]

to give support or encouragement to; "assist" ; to support (a fighting person or group) in combat; bring up reinforcements for | to support or assist ... (25 of 122 words, 3 definitions, pronunciation)

www​.merriam-webster​.com​/dictionary​/second show=3

Columbia Encyclopedia:


abbreviation sec or s, fundamental unit of time in all systems of measurement. In practical terms, the second is 1/60 of a minute, 1/3,600 of an hour, ... (27 of 146 words)


Encarta Dictionary:

second [entry 1] | seconds [plural] | seconded [past tense] | seconding [present participle]

coming after the first in a series | additional to, repeating, or following one that came before or was previously mentioned | additional to and less ... (24 of 477 words, 23 definitions, pronunciation)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861710570​/definition​.html  [offline]

second [entry 2] | seconds [plural]

a unit of time that is equal to 1/60th of a minute. | a unit of measurement of angles equal to 1/60th of a minute or 1/360th of a degree. | a very ... (31 of 76 words, 3 definitions, pronunciation)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861710662​/definition​.html  [offline]

second [entry 3, British] | seconded [past tense] | seconding [present participle] | seconds [3rd-person singular present]

to transfer an employee, official, or soldier temporarily to other duties (11 of 51 words, pronunciation)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861710663​/definition​.html  [offline]

Etymology reference

Collins Dictionary:

secondment [British]

First use: 19th century

Origin: from French en second in second rank (or position)


Audio references

Collins Dictionary:

secondment [British]

Audio: North American English pronunciation of "secondment"


Cambridge Dictionary:

second [entry 11, British]

Audio: British English pronunuciation of "secondment"

dictionary​.cambridge​.org​/dictionary​/british​/second 11

Macmillan British Dictionary:

secondment [countable/uncountable, British] | secondments [plural]

Audio: British English pronunciation of "secondment"


Macmillan American Dictionary:

secondment [countable/uncountable, British] | secondments [plural]

Audio: North American pronunciation of "secondment"


the Free Dictionary:


Audio 1: North American English pronunciation of "secondment"

Audio 2: British English pronunciation of "secondment"


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