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Revelation of Saint John the Divine


the last book of the New Testament; contains visionary descriptions of heaven and of conflicts between good and evil, and of the end of the world; attributed to Saint John the Apostle


communication noun (communicative processes and contents)

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Princeton WordNet

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Book of Revelation | Revelation

or by a number of variants expanding upon its authorship or subject matter, is the final book of the New Testament and occupies a central part in Christian eschatology. Written in Koine Greek, its title is derived from the first word of the text, ... (44 of 11491 words, 17 images)

en​.wikipedia​.org​/wiki​/Book of Revelation

Collins Dictionary:

Revelation of Saint John the Divine | Revelation

Same as "Revelation" (3 of 186 words, pronunciation)


Britannica Encyclopedia:

Revelation to John [New Testament] | Book of Revelation [synonym] | Apocalypse of John [synonym]

last book of the New Testament. It's the only book of the New Testament classified as apocalyptic literature rather than didactic or historical, ... (23 of 398 words, 2 images)



revelation | Revelation [sense-specific] | Revelations [sense-specific] | Apocalypse [sense-specific] | disclosure [synonym, sense-specific] | divulgence [synonym, sense-specific] | exposure [synonym, sense-specific] | bombshell [similar, sense-specific] | kick [similar, sense-specific] | ...

an act of revealing or communicating divine truth ; something that is revealed by God to humans | an act of revealing to view or making known ; ... (27 of 181 words, 3 definitions, 2 usage examples, pronunciation)


Oxford Dictionary:

revelation | Revelation | Revelations | the Revelation of St John the Divine | revelational [derived]

a surprising and previously unknown fact that has been disclosed to others | the making known of something that was previously secret or unknown | ... (23 of 171 words, 5 definitions, 5 usage examples, pronunciation)


New World Dictionary:

revelation | Revelations [sense-specific] | Rev [abbreviation, sense-specific] | Rv [abbreviation, sense-specific] | revelator [noun, related] | revelatory [adjective, related]

a revealing, or disclosing, of something | something disclosed; disclosure; especially, a striking disclosure, as of something not previously known or ... (20 of 121 words, 4 definitions, pronunciations)



Revelation [Bible] | The Apocalypse [synonym] | The Apocalypse of John [synonym] | The Book of Revelation [synonym] | The Revelation of St. John the Divine [synonym] | The Revelation to John [synonym] | Revelations [misspelling]

The final book of the New Testament of the Bible. (10 of 13 words)


Columbia Encyclopedia:

Revelation | Apocalypse

the last book of the New Testament. It was written about 95 AD on Patmos Island off the coast of Asia Minor by an exile named John, in the wake of ... (31 of 304 words, pronunciation)


Random House Dictionary:

revelation | Revelation [sense-specific] | Rev. [abbreviation, sense-specific] | Revelation: Revelations [synonym, sense-specific] | Revelation: The Revelation of St. John the Divine [synonym, sense-specific]

the act of revealing or disclosing; disclosure. | something revealed or disclosed, especially a striking disclosure, as of something not before ... (20 of 87 words, 4 definitions, pronunciation)


American Heritage Dictionary:

revelation | Rev. [abbreviation, sense-specific] | Rv. [abbreviation, sense-specific] | Revelation [abbreviation, sense-specific]

The act of revealing or disclosing. | Something revealed, especially a dramatic disclosure of something not previously known or realized. | [theology] ... (20 of 63 words, 4 definitions, pronunciation)


Cambridge Dictionary:

apocalypse | the Apocalypse | Apocalypse

[singular or U] a very serious event resulting in great destruction and change | "the Apocalypse": [singular] in the Bible, the total destruction and ... (23 of 45 words, 2 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciations)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

book | books [plural] | the book | bring someone to book | by the book | a closed book | in someone's bad/good books | in my book | on the books | ...

[countable] a set of printed pages fastened together inside a cover, that ... | [countable] something that you write in, consisting of pages fastened ... (23 of 455 words, 13 definitions, 17 usage examples, pronunciation)


book [verb] | booked [past tense] | booking [present participle] | books [3rd-person singular present]

[intransitive/transitive] to buy tickets, or to arrange to have or use ... | [transitive] if the police book someone, they take them to the police ... (24 of 193 words, 2 definitions, 8 usage examples, pronunciation)

www​.macmillandictionary​.com​/dictionary​/british​/book 25

Encarta Dictionary:

Revelation | Revelations | Apocalypse [Bible]

a book of the Bible that includes a description of the end of the world (15 of 28 words, pronunciation)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861701810​/definition​.html  [offline]

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Collins Dictionary:

revelation | Revelation

Audio: North American English pronunciation of "Revelation"


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