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psychoactive drug


a drug that can produce mood changes and distorted perceptions


artifact noun (man-made objects)


psychoactive drugs

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Princeton WordNet

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Psychoactive drug | psychopharmaceutical | psychotropic

a chemical substance that crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts primarily upon the central nervous system where it affects brain function, resulting in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior. These substances may be ... (35 of 7087 words, 10 images)

en​.wikipedia​.org​/wiki​/Psychoactive drug

Britannica Encyclopedia:

drug [chemical agent]

any chemical substance that affects the functioning of living things and the organisms that infect them. Pharmacology, the science of drugs, deals ... (22 of 1390 words, 3 images)


New World Dictionary:

drug | drugged [past tense] | drugging [present participle]

any substance used as a medicine or as an ingredient in a medicine which kills or inactivates germs, or affects any body function or organ | ... (25 of 93 words, 6 definitions, pronunciation, 1 image)


Collins Dictionary:

drug | drug on the market [sense-specific] | druggy [adjective, derived]

any synthetic, semisynthetic, or natural chemical substance used in the ... | a chemical substance, especially a narcotic, taken for the pleasant ... (21 of 974 words, 6 definitions, 13 usage examples, pronunciation)



drag [entry 1, noun] | drug [dialect, past tense] | pull [synonym, sense-specific] | street [synonym, sense-specific] | costume [synonym, sense-specific] | drag race [synonym, sense-specific] | harrow [synonym, sense-specific] | conveyance [synonym, sense-specific] | burden [synonym, sense-specific] | ...

something used to drag with ; especially, a device for dragging under water to detect or obtain objects | something that is dragged, pulled, or drawn ... (25 of 404 words, 8 definitions, 5 usage examples, pronunciation)


drug [entry 1, noun] | cure [synonym, sense-specific] | medicine [synonym, sense-specific] | medicament [synonym, sense-specific] | medication [synonym, sense-specific] | medicinal [synonym, sense-specific] | pharmaceutical [synonym, sense-specific] | physic [synonym, sense-specific] | remedy [synonym, sense-specific] | ...

[obsolete] a substance used in dyeing or chemical operations ; a substance ... | a commodity that is not salable or for which there is no demand [used ... (27 of 262 words, 3 definitions, pronunciations)


drug [entry 2, verb] | drugged [past tense] | drugging [present participle]

to affect with a drug ; especially, to stupefy by a narcotic drug | to administer a drug to | to lull or stupefy as if with a drug | to take drugs for ... (31 of 72 words, 4 definitions)

www​.merriam-webster​.com​/dictionary​/drug show=1

Random House Dictionary:

drug | drugged [past tense] | Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S [past tense] | drugging [present participle] | Nonstandard [present participle] | Drug | drugs [sense-specific] | drug on the market [sense-specific] | drug up [sense-specific] | ...

[pharmacology] a chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, ... | (in federal law) ; any substance recognized in the official pharmacopoeia or ... (22 of 276 words, 13 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciations)



drug | drugs [plural] | drugged [past tense] | drugging [present participle] | dapsone [medicine] | disulfiram [medicine] | phentolamine [pharmacology] | sildenafil [pharmacology] | pharmaceutical [synonym, sense-specific]

[pharmacology] A substance used to treat an illness, relieve a symptom, or modify a chemical process in the body for a specific purpose. | [pharmacology] A substance, sometimes addictive, which affects the central nervous system. | A chemical or ... (37 of 233 words, 8 definitions, 9 usage examples, pronunciation)


Oxford Dictionary:

drug | drugged [past tense] | drugging [present participle] | drugs [3rd-person singular present] | do drugs | on drugs

a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body | a substance taken for its ... (23 of 183 words, 8 definitions, 8 usage examples, pronunciation)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

drug [countable] | drugs [plural]

an illegal substance that affects someone physically or mentally when they ... | a substance that you take to treat a disease or medical problem (24 of 132 words, 2 definitions, 6 usage examples, pronunciation)


drug [transitive, verb] | drugged [past tense] | drugging [present participle] | drugs [3rd-person singular present]

to give a drug to someone so that they will go to sleep or will become unconscious | to put a drug in food or drink so that someone will swallow it ... (31 of 76 words, 2 definitions, 2 usage examples, pronunciation)

www​.macmillandictionary​.com​/dictionary​/british​/drug 14

American Heritage Dictionary:

drug | drugged [past tense] | drugging [present participle] | drugs [3rd-person singular present]

A substance used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease or as a component of a medication. | Such a substance as recognized or ... (25 of 119 words, 7 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciation)


Cambridge Dictionary:

drug [entry 1]

any natural or artificially made chemical which is used as a medicine (12 of 30 words, 4 usage examples, pronunciation)

dictionary​.cambridge​.org​/dictionary​/british​/drug 1

drug [entry 2]

any natural or artificially made chemical which is taken for pleasure, to ... | any activity that you cannot stop doing (20 of 86 words, 2 definitions, 7 usage examples, pronunciation)

dictionary​.cambridge​.org​/dictionary​/british​/drug 2

drug [entry 3] | -gg- [past tense]

to give someone or something a chemical which causes a loss of feeling or unconsciousness (15 of 70 words, 3 usage examples, pronunciation)

dictionary​.cambridge​.org​/dictionary​/british​/drug 3

Encarta Dictionary:

drug | drugs [plural] | drugged [past tense] | drugging [present participle]

a natural or artificial substance given to treat or prevent disease or to lessen pain | an often illegal and sometimes addictive substance that causes ... (24 of 127 words, 5 definitions, pronunciation)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861606713​/definition​.html  [offline]

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