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Pompey the Great


Roman general and statesman who quarrelled with Caesar and fled to Egypt where he was murdered (born: 106 BC – died: 48 BC)


person noun (people)

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Princeton WordNet

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Pompey | Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus | Pompey the Great
(Born: September 29, 106 BC, Firmum Picenum, Picenum, Roman Republic – Died: September 28, 48 BC (aged 58), Alexandria, Ptolemaic Egypt)

a military and political leader of the late Roman Republic. He came from a wealthy Italian provincial background, and his father had been the first to establish the family among the Roman nobility. Pompey's immense success as a general while still very... (42 of 7807 words, pronunciation, 7 images)


Britannica Encyclopedia:

Pompey the Great [Roman statesman] | Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus [Latin in full]
(Born: September 29, 106 BC, Rome – Died: September 28, 48 BC, Pelusium, Egypt)

one of the great statesmen and generals of the late Roman Republic, a triumvir, the associate and later opponent of Julius Caesar. He was initially ... (25 of 602 words, 1 image)


Columbia Encyclopedia:

Pompey | Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus | Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus | civil war | Magnus, Gnaeus Pompeius | Gnaeus Magnus | Pompey the Great | Magnus, Gnaeus | Pompeius Magnus
(Born: 106 BC – Died: 48 BC)

Roman general, the rival of Julius Caesar. Sometimes called Pompey the Great, he was the son of Cnaeus Pompeius Strabo (consul in 89 BC), a commander ... (26 of 408 words, pronunciation)


Collins Dictionary:

Pompey | Latin name "Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus" Pompey [sense-specific] | Portsmouth [informal, sense-specific] | Pompey the Great [synonym, sense-specific]

an informal name for "Portsmouth" | 106-48 bc, Roman general and statesman; a member with Caesar and Crassus of the first triumvirate (60). He later ... (24 of 360 words, 2 definitions, 6 usage examples, pronunciation)


Oxford Dictionary:

Pompey | Pompey the Great [synonym]

(106-148 BC) , Roman general and statesman; Latin name Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus. He founded the First Triumvirate, but later quarrelled with Caesar, who ... (23 of 61 words, pronunciation)


Random House Dictionary:

Pompey | Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus | civil war | Magnus, Gnaeus Pompeius | Gnaeus Magnus | Pompey the Great | Magnus, Gnaeus | Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus | Pompeius Magnus

("the Great") 106-148 BC, Roman general and statesman: a member of the first triumvirate. (14 of 21 words, pronunciation)



Pompey | Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus | the Great
(Born: 106 BC – Died: 48 BC)

Roman general and statesman (4 of 18 words, pronunciation)


New World Dictionary:

Pompey | Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus [Latin]
(Born: 106 BC – Died: 48 BC)

Roman general & triumvir (4 of 14 words, pronunciation)


American Heritage Dictionary:

(Born: 106 BC – Died: 48 BC)

Roman general and political leader. With Caesar and Crassus he formed a ruling triumvirate (60-50) but was later defeated by Caesar and murdered in ... (24 of 33 words, pronunciation)



Pompey [informal]

The city of Portsmouth (4 of 14 words, pronunciation)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

statesman [countable] | statesmen [plural] | statesmanlike [adjective, related] | statesmanship [noun, uncountable, related]

an experienced political leader that many people respect (8 of 44 words, 1 usage example, pronunciation)


Cambridge Dictionary:

statesman [approving] | statesmanship [noun, derived]

an experienced politician, especially one who is respected for making good judgments (12 of 22 words, pronunciations)


Encarta Dictionary:

statesman | statesmen [plural] | statesmanlike [adjective, derived] | statesmanship [noun, derived]

a senior politician, especially a man, who plays an important role in government or international affairs | a senior politician, especially a man, who ... (23 of 60 words, 2 definitions, pronunciations)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861714680​/definition​.html  [offline]

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