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Oxalis crenata


a South American wood sorrel cultivated for its edible tubers


plant noun (plants and fungi)


Oxalis crenata*
(* Oxalis crenata may be used in a singular or plural context)

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Princeton WordNet


Oxalis tuberosa [species] | oca | oka | O. crenata [abbreviation, species, unconfirmed] | O. tuberosa [abbreviation, species]

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oca | oka | Oxalis crenata [species] | Oxalis tuberosa [synonym, species]

either of two South American wood sorrels cultivated for their edible tubers ; also, the tuber of an oca (19 of 44 words, pronunciations)



Oxalis tuberosa [species] | oca | okka | oqa | uqa | New Zealand yam

a perennial herbaceous plant that overwinters as underground stem tubers. These tubers are known as oca, from the Quechua words okka, oqa, and uqa; New Zealand yam; and a number of other alternative names. The plant was brought into cultivation in the ... (42 of 2640 words, 4 images)

en​.wikipedia​.org​/wiki​/Oxalis tuberosa

Britannica Encyclopedia:

Aymara [people] | Oxalis tuberosa [species] | Ullucus tuberosus [species] | Chenopodium quinoa [species]

large South American Indian group living on the Altiplano--a vast windy plateau of the central Andes in Peru and Bolivia--with smaller numbers in ... (25 of 512 words, 2 images)


Oxford Dictionary:

oca | Oxalis tuberosa [species] | Oxalidaceae [family, member of]

a South American plant related to wood sorrel, long cultivated in Peru for its edible tubers (16 of 47 words, pronunciation)


Random House Dictionary:

oca | oka [sense-specific] | Oxalis tuberosa [species, sense-specific]

a wood sorrel of the Andes, cultivated in South America for its edible tubers. | a tuber of this plant. (19 of 29 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation)


American Heritage Dictionary:

oca | Oxalis tuberosa [species, sense-specific]

A perennial plant "(Oxalis tuberosa") of the high Andes, grown for its edible tubers. | The tubers of this plant. (19 of 28 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation)


Collins Dictionary:


any of various South American herbaceous plants of the genus "Oxalis", cultivated for their edible tubers: family "Oxalidaceae" (18 of 199 words, pronunciation)




A Peruvian name for certain species of Oxalis (Oxalis crenata, and Oxalis tuberosa [[Category:Entries using missing taxonomic name ({{{2}}})|Oxalis tuberosa]]) which bear edible tubers. (25 of 27 words)


New World Dictionary:

oke | oka [sense-specific]

in Turkey, Egypt, and other countries of the Near East, a unit of weight equal to about 2 lb (1.3 kilograms) | [slang] "OK" (23 of 44 words, 2 definitions, pronunciations)


Columbia Encyclopedia:

oxalis | wood sorrel

any species of the plant genus "Oxalis". Most of the cultivated kinds are tropical herbs used as window plants. The leaves are usually cloverlike and ... (25 of 149 words, pronunciation)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

sorrel [uncountable]

a plant with bitter leaves that people use for giving a fresh flavour to food (15 of 39 words, pronunciation)


Cambridge Dictionary:


a plant with acidic (containing acid) leaves which are used in cooking and salads (14 of 20 words, pronunciations)


Encarta Dictionary:

oca | ocas [plural]

an edible tuber with firm white flesh | a bushy plant whose edible tubers are oca. Native to: the Andes Mountains of South America. Latin name Oxalis ... (26 of 51 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation)

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