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Louis Auchincloss


a United States writer (born: 1917)


person noun (people)

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Princeton WordNet

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Louis Auchincloss | Louis Stanton Auchincloss
(Born: September 27, 1917 – Died: January 26, 2010)

an American lawyer, novelist, historian, and essayist. He's best known as a prolific novelist who parlayed his firsthand knowledge into dozens of finely wrought books exploring the private lives of America's East Coast patrician class. His dry, ironic ... (38 of 1283 words, pronunciation, 1 image)

en​.wikipedia​.org​/wiki​/Louis Auchincloss

Britannica Encyclopedia:

Louis Auchincloss [American author] | Louis Stanton Auchincloss
(Born: September 27, 1917, Lawrence, New York, United States – Died: January 26, 2010, New York City)

American novelist, short-story writer, and critic, best known for his novels of manners set in the world of contemporary upper-class New York City. ... (23 of 444 words)


Columbia Encyclopedia:

Auchincloss, Louis | Louis Auchincloss
(Born: 1917)

American novelist and man of letters, born: New York City; grad. Yale (1939), University of Virginia Law School (1941). For many years, he was a ... (25 of 186 words, pronunciation)


Oxford Dictionary:

Louis Stanton Auchincloss | Auchincloss, Louis Stanton

Syllabification: (Au·chin·closs, Louis Stanton) Entry from United States Dictionary | (1917-2010) , United States lawyer and author; early pseudonym ... (18 of 54 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation)


Collins Dictionary:

au | Au | AU | a.u. [synonym, sense-specific] | Australia [synonym, sense-specific] | gold [synonym, sense-specific]

Australia | gold | African Union | angstrom unit | astronomical unit (8 of 454 words, 5 definitions, 9 usage examples)



writer | author [synonym] | litterateur [synonym] | pen [synonym] | penman [synonym] | scribe [synonym] | scrivener [synonym] | auteur [similar] | belletrist [similar] | ...

one that writes: as ; "author" ; one who writes stock options (12 of 143 words, pronunciation)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

writer [countable] | writers [plural]

someone who writes books, stories, or articles as their job ; someone who has written something (16 of 63 words, 3 usage examples, pronunciation)


Random House Dictionary:

au | aux [plural] | Au | A.U. | Au: au [sense-specific] | Au: a.u. [sense-specific] | Au: author [sense-specific] | Au: angstrom unit [sense-specific]

[French] : to the; at the; with the. | "Au" : author | angstrom unit (13 of 26 words, 3 definitions, pronunciations)


Cambridge Dictionary:


a person who writes books or articles to be published (10 of 25 words, 2 usage examples, pronunciations)



au [French]

Contraction of à le ("to the, for the, at the"). (10 of 24 words, 1 usage example, pronunciation)


American Heritage Dictionary:

Au | AU | gold [sense-specific]

The symbol for the element "gold" . | astronomical unit | Australia (in Internet addresses) (13 of 22 words, 3 definitions)


New World Dictionary:


a person who writes | a person whose work or occupation is writing; now, specifically, an author, journalist, or the like (20 of 22 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation)


Encarta Dictionary:

Australia | oz [online, Internet addresses, abbreviation]

the world's smallest continent, situated between the Pacific and Indian oceans. | country encompassing the continent of Australia and the island of ... (21 of 83 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861695775​/definition​.html  [offline]

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