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forest gods

forest gods is a plural form of forest god

forest god


one of a class of woodland deities; attendant on Bacchus; identified with Roman fauns


person noun (people)


forest gods

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one of a troop of male companions of Pan and Dionysus with goat-like features, including a goat-tail, goat-like ears, and sometimes a goat-like phallus. By contrast, in Roman Mythology there is a similar concept with goat-like features, the faun being ... (40 of 2167 words, pronunciations, 11 images)


Satyr (disambiguation)

may refer to: Satyr, a mythological creature Satyress, a female satyr | Libyan Satyr | Island Satyr | HMS Satyr, multiple ships | USS Satyr (ARL-23) | Miles Satyr, an airplane | Sigurd Wongraven, a musician who goes by the name "Satyr" | Satyr... (37 of 110 words, 11 definitions)

en​.wikipedia​.org​/wiki​/Satyr (disambiguation)

Collins Dictionary:

satyr | satyrical [adjective, derived]

[Greek mythology] one of a class of sylvan deities, represented as goatlike men who drank and danced in the train of Dionysus and chased the nymphs | ... (26 of 370 words, 4 definitions, 5 usage examples, pronunciation)



satyr | Satyr [sense-specific] | Casanova [synonym, sense-specific] | lecher [synonym, sense-specific] | lothario [synonym, sense-specific] | lounge lizard [synonym, sense-specific] | masher [synonym, sense-specific] | philanderer [synonym, sense-specific] | Don Juan [synonym, sense-specific] | ...

"satyr" or "Satyr": a sylvan deity in Greek mythology having certain characteristics of a horse or goat and fond of Dionysian revelry | a lecherous ... (24 of 118 words, 3 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciations)


Oxford Dictionary:

satyr | satyric [derived]

[Greek mythology] : one of a class of lustful, drunken woodland gods. In ... | a man who has strong sexual desires | a satyrid butterfly with chiefly ... (26 of 113 words, 3 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciation)


New World Dictionary:

satyr | satyrid [sense-specific] | satyric [adjective, related]

[Greek mythology] any of a class of minor woodland deities, attendant on ... | a lustful or lecherous man | a man having satyriasis | any of a ... (25 of 99 words, 4 definitions, pronunciations)


American Heritage Dictionary:

satyr | Satyr [sense-specific] | satyric [adjective, related] | satyrical [adjective, related]

often "Satyr" "Greek Mythology" A woodland creature depicted as having the ... | A licentious man; a lecher. | A man who is affected by satyriasis. | ... (24 of 77 words, 4 definitions, pronunciations)


Random House Dictionary:

satyr | satyrid [sense-specific] | satyr butterfly [synonym, sense-specific]

[classical mythology] one of a class of woodland deities, attendant on ... | a lascivious man; lecher. | a man who has satyriasis. | any of several ... (24 of 70 words, 4 definitions, pronunciations)


Columbia Encyclopedia:


in Greek mythology, part bestial, part human creature of the forests and mountains. Satyrs were usually represented as being very hairy and having the ... (24 of 69 words, pronunciation)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

satyr [countable] | satyrs [plural]

a creature in ancient Greek stories with a man's upper body and head and the ears, horns, and legs of a goat | [formal] a man who often thinks about ... (29 of 61 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation)



satyr | satyrs [plural] | libertine [synonym, sense-specific]

[Greek mythology] A male companion of Pan or Dionysus with the tail of a horse and a perpetual erection. | [Roman mythology] A faun. | A lecherous man. | Any of various butterflies of the family Satyridae, having brown wings marked with eyelike spots;... (41 of 57 words, 5 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciation)


Cambridge Dictionary:


a god in Greek literature who is half man and half goat (12 of 18 words, pronunciations)


Encarta Dictionary:

satyr | satyrs [plural]

in Greek mythology, a wood-dwelling creature with the head and body of a ... | a man who displays inappropriate or excessively sexual behavior | a ... (24 of 99 words, 3 definitions, pronunciations)

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