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E. maculata (eucalyptus tree)


a large gum tree with mottled bark


plant noun (plants and fungi)


E. maculata*
(* E. maculata may be used in a singular or plural context)

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Princeton WordNet


Eucalyptus maculata [species] | spotted gum

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Corymbia maculata [species] | Spotted Gum

an endemic Australian tree. Spotted Gum is a tall tree with a straight trunk, growing up to 45 metres in height. However, there is an old reference to a 91 metre tall tree. Spotted Gum has smooth powdery bark which is white, grey or pink; often with ... (47 of 526 words, 2 images)

en​.wikipedia​.org​/wiki​/Corymbia maculata

Collins Dictionary:

spotted gum | Eucalyptus maculata [species, sense-specific]

an Australian eucalyptus tree | the wood of this tree, used for shipbuilding, sleepers, etc (14 of 240 words, 2 definitions, 2 usage examples)


Cambridge Dictionary:

spotted gum [Australian]

a tree that has a trunk that is pale with small darker areas (13 of 19 words)


Britannica Encyclopedia:

Eucalyptus [plant genus]

large genus of mostly very large trees, of the myrtle family, native to Australia, Tasmania, and nearby islands. More than 500 species have been ... (24 of 302 words, 2 images)


New World Dictionary:

eucalyptus | eucalyptuses [plural] | eucalypti [plural] | eucalypt | Eucalyptus [genus]

any of a genus of tall, aromatic, chiefly Australian evergreen trees of the myrtle family, bearing pendent leaves and umbels of white, red, or pink ... (25 of 62 words, pronunciations, 1 image)


American Heritage Dictionary:

red gum | Eucalyptus [genus, sense-specific]

Any of several Australian evergreen trees of the genus "Eucalyptus", ... | See "strophulus". (13 of 24 words, 2 definitions)



Eucalyptus | Myrtaceae [family, type of]

A taxonomic genus within the tribe Eucalypteae -- a group of trees widespread in Australia. (14 of 17 words)


Columbia Encyclopedia:

myrtle | eucalyptus

common name for the Myrtaceae, a family of shrubs and trees almost entirely of tropical regions, especially in America and Australia. The family is ... (24 of 404 words)


Oxford Dictionary:

eucalyptus | eucalyptuses [plural] | eucalypti [plural] | eucalypt | eucalyptus oil | gum [synonym, sense-specific] | gum tree [synonym, sense-specific]

a fast-growing evergreen Australasian tree that has been widely introduced ... | Genus Eucalyptus, family Myrtaceae: numerous species | the oil from ... (20 of 102 words, 3 definitions, pronunciations)



eucalyptus | eucalypti [plural] | eucalyptuses [plural] | Eucalyptus [genus]

any of a genus of mostly Australian evergreen trees or rarely shrubs of the myrtle family that have rigid entire leaves and umbellate flowers and are ... (26 of 86 words, pronunciations)


Random House Dictionary:

eucalyptus | eucalypti [plural] | eucalyptuses [plural] | eucalypt | blue gum

any of numerous often tall trees belonging to the genus "Eucalyptus", of the myrtle family, native to Australia and adjacent islands, having aromatic ... (23 of 51 words, pronunciations)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

eucalyptus [countable/uncountable] | eucalyptuses [plural]

a tall tree originally from Australia with leaves that do not fall off in winter. It produces an oil that is used in medicines. (24 of 49 words, pronunciation)


Encarta Dictionary:

eucalyptus | eucalyptuses [plural] | eucalypti [plural] | eucalypt: eucalypts [plural] | eucalypts [plural] | eucalypt | Eucalyptus [genus]

an evergreen tree that has aromatic leaves and produces timber, resin, and a medicinal oil. Native to: Australia. Genus Eucalyptus. (20 of 68 words, pronunciations)

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