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ctenidia is a plural form of ctenidium



a comb-like respiratory structure serving as the gill of certain mollusks


animal noun (animals and microorganisms)


ctenidia | ctenidiums

Original source:

Princeton WordNet


modern Latin, from Greek ktenidion, diminutive of kteis, kten- "comb"
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Collins Dictionary:

ctenidium | ctenidia [plural]

one of the comblike respiratory gills of molluscs (8 of 250 words, pronunciations)



Ctenidium [disambiguation]

may be: Ctenidium (mollusc) (plural: ctenidia), a comb-like gill, part of the respiratory system of molluscs | Ctenidium (plural: ctenidia), a row of peg-like spines in some insects (pronotal ctenidium; genal ctenidium) | Ctenidium (moss), a genus of ... (36 of 83 words, 3 definitions)


Oxford Dictionary:

ctenidium | ctenidia [plural]

Syllabification: (cte·nid·i·um) | [zoology] | a comblike structure, especially a respiratory organ or gill in a mollusk, consisting of an axis with a ... (21 of 60 words, 3 definitions, pronunciations)

oxforddictionaries​.com​/definition​/american english​/ctenidium

ctenidium [zoology] | ctenidia [plural]

a comb-like structure, especially a respiratory organ or gill in a mollusc, consisting of an axis with a row of projecting filaments (22 of 57 words, pronunciations)


American Heritage Dictionary:

ctenidium [zoology] | ctenidia [plural]

A comblike structure, such as the respiratory apparatus of a mollusk or a row of spines in some insects. (19 of 34 words, pronunciation)


Random House Dictionary:

ctenidium [zoology] | ctenidia [plural]

any of various comblike or featherlike structures, as the row of stiff bristles on the legs of a psocid. (19 of 29 words, pronunciations)



ctenidium | ctenidia [plural]

[zoology] A respiratory system, in the form of a comb, in some molluscs | [zoology] A row of spines in some insects (21 of 22 words, 2 definitions)


New World Dictionary:

gill | gi [abbreviation, sense-specific] | gilled [adjective, related]

the organ for breathing of most animals that live in water, as fish, ... | the red flesh hanging below the beak of a fowl; wattle ; the flesh under ... (29 of 207 words, 7 definitions, pronunciations, 1 image)


Britannica Encyclopedia:

gill [measurement] | jill

in measurement, unit of volume in the British Imperial and United States Customary systems. It's used almost exclusively for the measurement of ... (22 of 159 words, 1 image)


gill [respiratory system]

in biology, type of respiratory organ found in many aquatic animals, including a number of worms, nearly all mollusks and crustaceans, some insect ... (23 of 86 words, 1 image)



gill [entry 1, noun]

see weight table (3 of 28 words, pronunciation)


gill [entry 2, noun] | to the gills | gills [plural] | wattle [synonym, sense-specific] | gilled [adjective, related]

an organ (as of a fish) for obtaining oxygen from water | "wattle" [entry 3] ; "gills": the flesh under or about the chin or jaws ; one of the ... (29 of 100 words, 3 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciations)

www​.merriam-webster​.com​/dictionary​/gill show=1

gill [entry 3, verb] | gillnet [synonym, sense-specific] | giller [noun, related]

"gillnet" | [fish] to become entangled in a gill net (9 of 27 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation)

www​.merriam-webster​.com​/dictionary​/gill show=2

gill [entry 4, noun] | ravine [synonym, sense-specific]

[British] "ravine" | [British] a narrow stream or rivulet (8 of 36 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation)

www​.merriam-webster​.com​/dictionary​/gill show=3

gill [entry 5, noun] | Gill | girl [synonym] | sweetheart [synonym]

"girl", "sweetheart" (2 of 23 words, pronunciation)

www​.merriam-webster​.com​/dictionary​/gill show=4

Columbia Encyclopedia:

English units of measurement | British Imperial System of weights and measures | U.S. Customary System of weights and measures | apothecaries weight | troy weights | units of measurement | avoirdupois weights | barrel | bushel | ...

principal system of weights and measures used in a few nations, the only major industrial one being the United States. It actually consists of two ... (25 of 79 words)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

gill [countable, plural] | gills [plural] | to the gills

one of the organs behind the head of a fish that allows it to breathe | "to the gills": as full as possible (22 of 53 words, 2 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciation)


gill [countable, noun] | gills [plural]

a unit for measuring liquids equal to one quarter of a pint (12 of 37 words, pronunciation)

www​.macmillandictionary​.com​/dictionary​/british​/gill 5

Cambridge Dictionary:

gill [entry 1]

/gɪl/ the organ through which fish and other water creatures breathe (11 of 19 words)

dictionary​.cambridge​.org​/dictionary​/british​/gill 1

gill [entry 2]

/dʒɪl/ a measure of liquid that is equal to 0.142 litres or a quarter of a pint (17 of 23 words)

dictionary​.cambridge​.org​/dictionary​/british​/gill 2

Encarta Dictionary:

ctenidium | ctenidia [plural]

a gill found in mollusks that has a central axis with a fringe of filaments on each side. It's used in gas exchange and filter feeding. (26 of 58 words, pronunciations)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861601769​/definition​.html  [offline]

Etymology references

Oxford Dictionary:

ctenidium | ctenidia [plural]

First use: late 19th century

Origin: modern Latin, from Greek ktenidion, diminutive of kteis, kten- "comb"

oxforddictionaries​.com​/definition​/american english​/ctenidium

Collins Dictionary:

ctenidium | ctenidia [plural]

First use: 19th century

Origin: New Latin, from Greek ktenidion, diminutive of kteis comb


American Heritage Dictionary:

ctenidium [zoology] | ctenidia [plural]

Origin: New Latin, from Greek kteis, kten-, comb.


Encarta Dictionary:

ctenidium | ctenidia [plural]

First use: Late 19th century

Origin: modern Latin from Greek ktenidion "little comb" from kteis "comb"

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861601769​/definition​.html  [offline]

Audio references

Collins Dictionary:

ctenidium | ctenidia [plural]

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