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crane flower


an ornamental plant of tropical South Africa and South America having stalks of orange and purplish-blue flowers resembling a bird


plant noun (plants and fungi)


crane flowers

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Princeton WordNet


Strelitzia reginae [species] | bird of paradise | bird-of-paradise flower | strelitzia | S. reginae [abbreviation, species]

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Strelitzia | bird of paradise flower | crane flower

a genus of five species of perennial plants, native to South Africa. It belongs to the plant family Strelitziaceae. The genus is named after the duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, birthplace of Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom. A common name of the... (41 of 380 words, pronunciation, 2 images)


Britannica Encyclopedia:

bird-of-paradise flower [plant] | Strelitzia reginae [species]

also called crane flower, ornamental plant of the family Strelitziaceae. There are five species of the genus Strelitzia, all native to southern ... (22 of 103 words, 4 images)


Columbia Encyclopedia:

bird-of-paradise flower | bird-of-paradise flowers | bird of paradise | Strelitzia reginae [species]

large tropical herb of the family Musaceae (banana family), native to southern Africa. Its large blue and orange blossom resembles an exotic bird; ... (23 of 74 words)


Collins Dictionary:

bird-of-paradise flower

any of various banana-like plants of the genus "Strelitzia", especially "S. reginae", that are native to tropical southern Africa and South America ... (22 of 291 words)


Random House Dictionary:

bird of paradise | bird-of-paradise: birds-of-paradise [plural] | bird-of-paradise | Bird of Paradise | bird-of-paradise: bird-of-paradise flower [synonym, sense-specific]

any of several passerine birds of the family Paradisaeidae, of New Guinea and adjacent islands, the males of which have ornate, colorful plumage. | ... (23 of 90 words, 4 definitions, pronunciation)


Oxford Dictionary:


a southern African plant of the genus Strelitzia (family Strelitziaceae), especially (in gardening) a bird of paradise flower (18 of 35 words, pronunciation)



strelitzia | strelitzias [plural] | bird of paradise flower [synonym] | Strelitzia [genus]

Any of several flowering plants of the genus Strelitzia. (9 of 11 words)


New World Dictionary:

bird of paradise

any of a family (Paradisaeidae) of brightly colored passerine birds found in and near New Guinea | any of several tropical plants (genus Strelitzia) ... (23 of 52 words, 2 definitions, 1 image)


American Heritage Dictionary:

bird of paradise | birds of paradise [plural]

Any of various birds of the family Paradisaeidae, native to New Guinea and ... | Any of several southern African herbs of the genus "Strelitzia", ... (24 of 57 words, 2 definitions)


Macmillan British Dictionary:

bird of paradise [countable] | birds of paradise [plural]

a brightly coloured bird that lives mainly in New Guinea | a plant with brightly coloured flowers that look similar to birds flying (22 of 55 words, 2 definitions)



bird of paradise

any of numerous brilliantly colored plumed oscine birds (family Paradisaeidae) chiefly of New Guinea and neighboring islands (17 of 32 words)

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Cambridge Dictionary:

bird of paradise

a bird found in New Guinea, of which the male has brightly coloured feathers (14 of 20 words)


Encarta Dictionary:

strelitzia | strelitzias [plural] | Strelitzia [genus]

a widely cultivated perennial plant. Flowers: showy, often unusual or irregular in shape. Native to: southern Africa. Genus Strelitzia. (19 of 52 words, pronunciation)

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