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Calophyllum calaba


a West Indian tree having racemes of fragrant white flowers and yielding a durable timber and resinous juice


plant noun (plants and fungi)




Calophyllum calaba*
(* Calophyllum calaba may be used in a singular or plural context)

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Princeton WordNet


calaba | Santa Maria tree | C. calaba [abbreviation, species]

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Kaolinite | kaolin | china clay

a clay mineral, part of the group of industrial minerals, with the chemical composition Al2Si2O5(OH)4. It's a layered silicate mineral, with one tetrahedral sheet linked through oxygen atoms to one... (30 of 1701 words, 3 images)


Random House Dictionary:

calaba | Maria [synonym, sense-specific] | Santa Maria [synonym, sense-specific]

a tree, "Calophyllum brasiliense", of the West Indies and Central and South America, having leathery leaves and fragrant white flowers. | the reddish ... (22 of 38 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation)



calaba [Spanish]

First-person singular (yo) imperfect indicative form of calar. | Third-person singular (él, ella, also used with usted?) imperfect indicative form of calar. (21 of 22 words, 2 definitions)


Britannica Encyclopedia:

tree [plant]

woody plant that regularly renews its growth. Most plants classified as trees have a single self-supporting trunk containing woody tissues, and in ... (22 of 663 words, 34 images)


New World Dictionary:

tree | treed [past tense] | treeing [present participle] | treeless [adjective, related] | treelike [adjective, related]

a woody perennial plant with one main stem or trunk which develops many branches, usually at some height above the ground | a treelike bush or shrub | ... (26 of 130 words, 8 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciation, 1 image)


Collins Dictionary:

tree | Tree | family tree [sense-specific] | at the top of the tree [sense-specific] | up a tree [sense-specific] | Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree [sense-specific] | family tree, shoetree, saddletree [synonym, sense-specific] | gallows [archaic, sense-specific] | dendrite [synonym, sense-specific]

any large woody perennial plant with a distinct trunk giving rise to ... | any plant that resembles this but has a trunk not made of wood, such as a ... (29 of 626 words, 14 definitions, 13 usage examples, pronunciations)


Columbia Encyclopedia:

tree | deciduous plant

perennial woody plant with a single main stem (the trunk, or bole) from which branches and twigs extend to form a characteristic crown of foliage. In ... (26 of 298 words)


Oxford Dictionary:

tree | treed [past tense] | treeing [present participle] | trees [3rd-person singular present] | tree diagram | out of one's tree | up a tree | treeless [derived] | treelessness [derived] | ...

a woody perennial plant, typically having a single stem or trunk growing to ... | (in general use) any bush, shrub, or herbaceous plant with a tall ... (26 of 210 words, 12 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciation)


American Heritage Dictionary:

tree | treed [past tense] | treeing [present participle] | trees [3rd-person singular present] | Tree | treeless [adjective, related]

A perennial woody plant having a main trunk and usually a distinct crown. | A plant or shrub resembling a tree in form or size. | Something, such as a ... (28 of 186 words, 14 definitions, 3 usage examples, pronunciations)



tree [entry 1, noun] | saddletree [synonym, sense-specific] | treeless [adjective, related] | treelike [adjective, related]

a woody perennial plant having a single usually elongate main stem ... | a piece of wood (as a post or pole) usually adapted to a particular use or ... (28 of 186 words, 4 definitions, 5 usage examples, pronunciations)


tree [entry 2, verb] | treed [past tense] | treeing [present participle] | corner [synonym, sense-specific]

to drive to or up a tree ; to put into a position of extreme disadvantage; "corner" ; especially, to bring to bay | to furnish or fit (as a shoe) with ... (31 of 57 words, 2 definitions, 2 usage examples)

www​.merriam-webster​.com​/dictionary​/tree show=1

Macmillan British Dictionary:

tree [countable] | trees [plural] | out of your tree

a very tall plant that has deep roots, a thick stem made of wood, and many branches | an object with separate parts for hanging things on | "out of ... (28 of 79 words, 3 definitions, 4 usage examples, pronunciation)


Cambridge Dictionary:


a tall plant which has a wooden trunk and branches that grow from its upper part | another type of tall plant, without a wooden trunk (25 of 40 words, 2 definitions, 3 usage examples, pronunciation)


Encarta Dictionary:

poon [entry 1] | poons [plural] | Calophyllum [genus]

a tree with leathery leaves and strong light wood. Native to: southern Asia. Genus Calophyllum. (15 of 40 words, pronunciation)

encarta​.msn​.com​/dictionary 1861737981​/definition​.html  [offline]

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the Free Dictionary:


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