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adult respiratory distress syndrome


acute lung injury characterized by coughing and rales; inflammation of the lungs which become stiff and fibrous, and can't exchange oxygen; occurs among persons exposed to irritants such as corrosive chemical vapors, ammonia, chlorine, or so on


state noun (stable states of affairs)


adult respiratory distress syndromes

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Princeton WordNet


wet lung | white lung | ARDS [acronym]

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Acute respiratory distress syndrome | ARDS | respiratory distress syndrome | RDS | adult respiratory distress syndrome | ALI

a life-threatening reaction to injuries or acute infection to the lung. ARDS is a severe lung syndrome with direct and indirect causes. Inflammation of the lung parenchyma leads to impaired gas exchange with systemic release of inflammatory mediators, ... (38 of 5625 words, 3 images)

en​.wikipedia​.org​/wiki​/Acute respiratory distress syndrome

Random House Dictionary:

respiratory distress syndrome [pathology] | RDS [abbreviation, sense-specific] | hyaline membrane disease [synonym, sense-specific] | adult respiratory distress syndrome [synonym, sense-specific]

an acute lung disease of the newborn, occurring primarily in premature ... | a disorder, caused by an acute illness or injury that affects the lungs ... (25 of 106 words, 2 definitions)


Britannica Encyclopedia:

asbestosis [pathology] | white lung [synonym]

lung disease that is caused by the prolonged inhalation of asbestos fibres. A type of pneumoconiosis, it's found primarily among workers whose ... (22 of 304 words, 1 image)


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