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Memidex handheld/mobile support

The Memidex online dictionary and thesaurus has been redesigned to better support web browsers on handheld and mobile devices while being just as usable (or more) with regular desktop browsers. These changes make over half-a-million Memidex pages more accessible.

Memidex already had several characteristics making it suitable for handhelds and mobiles, including a simple interface, small and fast page downloads, short URLs, and pages coded in XHTML, a standard increasingly used by such devices. Now, Memidex has added even more support, including:

Depending on the web browser used, all Memidex web pages adhere to most or all of the Mobile Web Best Practices specified by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and, more specifically, pass W3C mobileOK® tests. By extension, Memidex also adheres to most of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines defined by the W3C.

Memidex web modes

In addition, Memidex has several "web modes" to better support handhelds, mobiles, and other devices. By default, the Memidex server automatically selects a web mode based on information provided by the browser. Alternatively, depending on your web browser, you can manually select another web mode through the Memidex Preferences page. The following settings are available:

Last updated: 2009-10-06

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