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Free Memidex tools

Memidex provides several free tools for quick, simple dictionary/thesaurus lookups...

Dictionary bookmarklet

A "bookmarklet" (or "favelet") is a small piece of code that you can add to your browser and run from any web page. The Memidex dictionary bookmarklet is a fast and easy way to get definitions while web browsing. Unlike other bookmarklets, information appears directly on the page you're browsing.  [More...]

Dictionary/Thesaurus search plug-in

This plug-in adds Memidex to the list of search providers in your web browser. The plugin features auto-suggest, which shows the next alphabetically closest matches while you type.  [More...]

Dictionary/Thesaurus accelerator for Internet Explorer 8 or later

An Internet Explorer "accelerator" is a contextual menu option to quickly access web services from any web page. If you're using Internet Explorer 8 or later, the Memidex accelerator adds the Define with Memidex option to your accelerator menu.  [More...]

Dictionary/Thesaurus search box

For webmasters, Memidex provides free source code to add a dictionary/thesaurus search box to any page. Memidex also provides optional on-page definition and auto-suggest features for your search box.  [More...]

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