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Memidex Adult-Filter

The Memidex Adult-Filter feature blocks words or phrases that may be inappropriate for some. Specifically, it blocks links to words or phrases that are labeled as "obscenity", "offensive", or "ethnic slur". Blocked words are blacked out and any links directly associated with them are redirected here.

It's important to note that potentially offensive words are not completely blocked. While blocked words are more difficult to browse to (for example, using the index), such words may be reached by entering them directly in the Find box, through search engines, or if the Adult-Filter feature is disabled in Memidex preferences. In each case, it's assumed the user has explicitly chosen to view the words in question.

To provide parents, teachers, and system administrators with extra control, Memidex also allows a password to be set for disabling or enabling this feature. Adult-Filter makes the Memidex dictionary/thesaurus more suitable for use by minors, such as primary and secondary school students.

Note: The Memidex Adult-Filter requires the JavaScript and "cookie" support included with most web browsers. Certain browsers (for example, those for handheld or mobile devices) may not have such support or this support may be disabled. In such cases, Adult-Filtering is unavailable.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding this feature, please contact Memidex.

Last updated: 2009-07-22

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